Ebi and Liel "I Can Hear Christmas"

"I Can Hear Christmas"
Singers: Ebi f.t Liel Kolet
Composed by: Tomer Adaddi

Every Holiday season we get a chance to work with all different holiday music – some joyous and some quite sentimental and even emotional.

This particular song has two amazing global artists, Liel Kolet and Ebi - two mesmerizing artists with amazing voices and talent. They share the same passion. They have joined together in song to show that there is love and hope between all people regardless of their religionsor where they come from.

Ebi an Iranian superstar who was born Muslim and Liel an international star was born on a kibbutz in Israel. Two different faiths and and two generations have come together to sing a song for Christian people – for all people - a Christmas song with a simple message – peace. With the current world headlines, there couldn't be a better time to release this beautiful and touching song

„من کریسمس را میشنوم“ ، آهنگ جدیدی است با پیام „صلح“ با صدای زیبای ابی و لییل , دو هنرمند و خواننده معروف جهانی که یک آرزو و امید مشترک را به همراه دارد

این آهنگ که همکاری ابی مسلمان زاده و خانم لییل کولت کلیمی از اسراییل می باشد با نزدیک شدن به جشن کریسمس مسیحیان نشان دهنده عشق و امید دربین تمامی مردم دنیا بدون در نظر گرفتن دین و ملیت آنهاست. امیدوارم که از دیدن این موزیک ویدیو لذت ببرید